27 Jul 2017 19:55 IST

9 social media analytics tools every marketer should use

Marketing on digital platforms has now become easier with such tools

Marketing your brand on various social media platforms is a sure-shot way to reach your target audience. However, apart from showcasing your product online, tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns plays a vital role in branding your business. Monitoring the behaviour of your digital marketing strategy gives you a better insight into the efficacy of the campaign and the measures you can take for better results. Here are the most powerful social media analytics tools you can use as a marketer for a successful digital marketing campaign.

Amplifr is an excellent tool for real-time tracking and analytics. It provides you with a multitude of features such as scheduling posts, auto-generated UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tagging, tracking your competitor’s performance, and Google analytics integration. Additionally, it also offers detailed conversions and traffic analyses per post.

Agora Pulse

Manage your brand’s social media engagement single-handedly with Agora Pulse. This excellent tool gives you full control over social media conversations, from tweets and comments to messages and snaps. This way, you can easily build your brand’s engagement with round-the-clock syncing, at-a-glance notifications, and helpful filters to segregate your new conversations from the previously-addressed ones.

Keyhole provides you with advanced social media analytics on leading platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Its stand-out features include hashtag and keyword tracking, account tracking, influencer tracking, automated reporting, live streaming, demographic analysis and competitor tracking. Furthermore, it provides real-time metrics of your brand’s reach, the impressions created, the most shared posts and the highest engagement attained.

Simplify 360 is a social listening tool which focuses on engagement, reporting and competitor benchmarking for targeted brand positioning. It provides you with the convenience of handling multiple accounts on a single console. Apart from these features, the tool also offers online reputation management, brand management and social CRM for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Brandwatch is the perfect tool that will provide you with an in-depth analysis of what your customers are looking for. It works on multiple social media platforms and offers helpful insights on your social media presence. It will guide you on the data you need to collect, the key insights you need to focus on to develop the reputation of your brand and the action plan you need to work on to attain the social status you are aiming for.

Hootsuite is a user-friendly dashboard which works across all social media platforms. It helps you scan the performance of your competitors and alerts you whenever a new trend is emerging. It helps in scheduling posts, curating content, team management and offering real-time analytics. It also gives you a better understanding of the impact of your social media campaigns and the measures you can take to amplify them.

Sprout Social is a collaborative platform which provides advanced social media management and digital marketing for your brand. Its integrated tools help in managing your social presence with effective customer care solutions. It makes sure you do not miss any conversation with your customers and provides a plethora of services from social CRM and Smart Inboxing to collaboration and account structuring. Additionally, it works wonders over all diverse social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus.


Get unbiased insights on the performance of your social media campaigns with Unmetric — an artificial intelligence-driven tool. This handy tool helps you create compelling content to give your brand the amplification it deserves. It also helps by suggesting ideas for your content and providing real-time performance tracking. Its extensive competitor analysis offers deep insights into the performance of your competitors and the strategies used by the pioneers in the industry.


When it comes to unbeatable content marketing, Buzzsumo is the tool you need. This user-friendly dashboard provides you with a helpful analysis of the top content that has been working for your competitors. You can either get inspiration from the content curated by them or come up with an in-depth content marketing strategy for your next campaign. Additionally, you can also get in touch with leading influencers to amplify your content through them.

With such spectacular social media analytics tools available online, reaching the top of your game is easy. All you need is a comprehensive marketing plan and with the help of these handy tools, you are all set to beat the completion.