30 Jun 2017 15:49 IST

Top Instagram tools for business

With so many tools and apps, connecting with your target audience is easier than ever

Gone are the days when people used Instagram merely because Facebook was too mainstream. Over the past few years, this app has received great global momentum and it is certainly here to stay!

Instagram is a mobile-based app that focuses on capturing and sharing visual posts, and is a huge hit with youngsters. In India, it is mostly used by people below the age of 35 and is a powerful platform to promote marketing and sales of businesses of all sizes.

During 2015, the platform was opened for business and since then, there has been no looking back. Want to know how you can tap this platform?

Read on to get a closer insight into the top 15 tools which help promote your business on Instagram.


This tool helps you find the right following for your business. It provides you with a filtered set of audiences who are most likely to be interested in your business, thus leading to effective targeting.

Additionally, it helps you identify the most inactive accounts that can later be unfollowed. You can also find followers who follow accounts similar to yours and the list of people who have unfollowed you.


This app helps you schedule your Instagram posts. It queues your posts according to the timeline specified by you, eradicating the need to log in and out every time you want to post something.

It also has the added features of managing multiple accounts, content creation, and integration with Canva.

Social Insight

This tool provides you with an extensive analysis of your posts , focusing on reach and account engagement. You can retrieve useful information — like your most liked post, average engagement rate and the increase or decrease in the number of followers.

It also gives you a detailed insight into understanding your customers. Additional features include geographical hashtag-specific alerts and personalised notification preferences.

Social Rank

This website refines your list of followers by classifying them into brand advocates and influencers. It even helps you create a custom classification to segregate your followers and export the desired profiles to Twitter.

Besides this, you can also filter your followers with specific demographic keywords. It gives a complete statistical breakdown of your Instagram followers which is very helpful if you want to promote your business.

Facebook Power Editor

Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, it uses the latter’s power editor to serve ads. This tool provides every benefit offered by Facebook, such as targeting customers based on age, gender, location and interests. It also comes with the added advantage of flexible pricing, finding look-alike audiences and saving a targeted set of audiences for precise control over your campaigns.

Instagram feed WD

Instagram feed WD integrates your Instagram account with WordPress.com blogs. You can now easily link your posts and photos to your website, in addition to embedding your Instagram feeds of hashtags and users, to your website with conditional filters and links.

Instagram Insights

With Instagram Insights, you can get access to the basic analytics of your Instagram business account. It provides you with contact support that your customers can use to reach your organisation, and helps with promoting the posts as ads.


This tool focuses on showcasing your brand. It provides the facility of adding a bio link so that the interested followers can see your photos when they search for content similar to yours. It also provides conversion tracking and inventory management for e-commerce merchandise.


The Repost app lets you repost an Instagrammer’s photo on your feed. You can also bookmark your photos and save photos or videos to post them later on your feed, with just one touch.


Offerpop lets you engage with your followers using interactive content. It is ideal for conducting contests and creating sampling programmes. It plays ads and content galleries in user-created feeds to promote brands.


This is a business analytics widget that statistically analyses the post engagement. It monitors the increase or decrease of followers. One special feature about this is that it provides the opportunity to benchmark your performance with that of the competitor’s. It also includes helpful suggestions about optimal post timings.


Like2buy is the shopping-enabled doppelganger of Instagram. The app supports a webpage similar to Instagram, with the added feature of shopping while scrolling through the pictures.


Over is built specifically to help you add text to your images. With a contemporary style, this app is a one-stop-shop for anything related to embedding text on your pictures. It is specifically known for its creative and lively UI.

People map

People map is another effective Instagram marketing tool which provides you with detailed analytics of your business. It helps in data-based decision making, finding target influencers, and is much more user-friendly than its counterparts. It also has a very stylish interface that makes it more fun to work with.


Inselly is a simple tool that can redirect a photo to the actual product with the help of the hashtag used. This helps in capturing a customer’s attention, within a short span by showcasing that the product is on sale. The hashtag denotes that the product is up for grabs and visiting the inselly website will help them find more details of the product.

It is about time you leverage Instagram to boost the marketing and sales of your business. With so many handy tools and useful apps, connecting with your target audience is now easier than ever. So, take the plunge and leave your digital footprint on the effervescent platform of social media.