14 Mar 2017 17:24 IST

A last glance at innovation and technology

In the concluding article in the series, learn what these tech terms mean

As part the concluding series, we have looked at many ‘aerial trails’ in our previous articles ( personal growth and well-being trails, human resource trails and strategy trails). In this concluding piece in the Jargon Jungle series, we shall cover ‘innovation and technology’.

Innovation needs a mindset and thinking abilities distinct from technology development. Just as technology makes innovation possible, innovative mindset spurs development. The interplay between technology and innovation can be seen at many points in the following articles.

Disruptive innovation

When technologies are used to create new markets or alter existing markets, disruptions are inevitable. Technologies aren’t enough, though. The word ‘create’ is important here. This article surveys the interplay between technology and innovation . It goes further and outlines what is needed to trigger disruptions.

Design thinking

Whether it is creating disruptions, developing products for existing markets or solving problems, design thinking helps bring everything together. It involves steps like carefully defining problems, setting objectives and project planning, in addition to actual design activities. This article , that looks at the art of designing novel solutions, and explains it in detail.

Thinking outside the box

If you wish to innovate or put technologies to better use, you should be able to challenge existing assumptions and come up with new perspectives. Creative thinking sounds like fun, but it isn’t some airy-fairy affair where you just look at the blue sky, waiting for inspiration. Read more about it here .


Brainstorming is quite popular — to some extent because it is a smart way of kicking the can around. Also, it seems quite easy to do. There are more such insincere reasons for its popularity.

But brainstorming is more than all that. It is a legitimate tool for engaging in creative efforts. Read more about how brainstorming can help open up new avenues to think, work, and innovate .

Whole brain thinking

Both creative and critical thinking are necessary for innovation or imaginative use of technologies. Though there is a distinction between the two, people often overlook the fact they are not mutually exclusive. Emotions too play a considerable part in innovation. This article looks at the importance of whole brain thinking .

Big data

Big data is used in diverse areas, like problem-solving in traffic management, detecting tax evasion and money laundering, and looking for abnormal astronomical phenomena. Big data and its applications are now so pervasive that it is easy to lose sight of how to use it and what not to do with it. Read more about how you can stay on top of big data .

Internet of Things

IoT is an exciting opportunity that is at the intersection of technologies like miniaturised sensors and electronics, low power communications, cloud computing and big data and imagination to think up applications in a wide range of fields.

Developing products and solutions using IoT illustrates how principles mentioned in the above article like ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘whole brain thinking’, and ‘design thinking’ are relevant. Read more about it here .


We round off the Jargon Jungle Series and this thread with a look at Hackathons.

When you are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, you are in a race to move in with your products before others do. Hackathons capture the speed and what it is like meeting those challenges. They also exemplify whole new ways of working. Read this article to know more.

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