21 July 2015 14:48:44 IST

‘Corporate life is all about organisational behaviour’

RPG Enterprises’ Sachin Nandgaokar wishes he had paid more attention to OB courses and people dynamics at IIM-A

Sachin Nandgaonkar, Management Board Member and President and CEO, Speciality Sector, RPG Enterprises, believes that corporate life, more than anything else, is all about organisational behaviour and change management.

"The one thing that even today when I speak to youngsters seeking advice is to focus on this in B-school. I was not a big fan of organisational behaviour (OB) courses which dealt with people dynamics and culture. If I had to go back to those two years, I would have paid more attention to those courses as well as projects and group activities,” says Nandgaonkar, an IIM-A graduate who spent many years with The Boston Consulting Group.

“My last 25 years in corporate life has been all about organisation and change management. Around 80 per cent of the time is on organisational dynamics and organisational management and that’s something I wish I had paid more attention to during my MBA,” he says.

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As told to Vinay Kamath

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