08 Sep 2018 19:20 IST

Build a strong support system for emergencies

It’s important to nurture a healthy support system over a period of time

Continuing from the earlier article about support system, the third and most important support we require is in cases of emergencies.

Emergency support

This support could be financial or non-financial. I have found that financial help invariably strains any relationship and seeking it should be avoided unless one is absolutely desperate. A way to avoid this is to manage your personal finances in such an effective manner that there is absolutely no scope for any financial dependency. There may be situations where a person requires financial support in spite of managing their finances well. Such events can be the exceptions. People will be more willing to help if your image is that of a self-sufficient individual.

Non-financial support can take on various forms — physical and emotional. It can be seen as a cry for help such as in the case of a sudden job loss or when handling a difficult situation or person such as a tough or bad boss. In the simplest form, it can be lending a sympathetic ear and reassuring the person that the issue will be resolved soon.

Getting past hurdles

One of the biggest hurdles to seeking such emergency support is a person’s ego. Most people tend to shy away from seeking support for two reasons. One is that they feel awkward asking for help and wonder what they will have to do in return. This is linked to the second reason, where the person doesn’t have a robust support system and seeking help all of a sudden is difficult.

Although both are valid reasons to avoid seeking support, not asking for help when required is worse. That is why developing a robust support system becomes important. Since most people are mobile due to their jobs and stay away from their immediate family, nurturing such a system becomes even more critical.

This has been captured very well in an audio-visual form in recent advertisements for a biscuit brand, with the help of the hashtag #YouAreMyParleG. The various scenarios shown in these advertisements capture the essence of a good support system.

Be sure to invest your time and effort in creating a robust support system. It may be too late if you reach out only when needed!

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