19 Aug 2015 19:28 IST

The everyday visionary

Demand for government and public sector consultants will only increase in the coming years

The Government and Public Sector (G&PS) space is getting progressively interesting and exciting for consultants. Be it Digital India, Skills India, various smart city initiatives across the country or policy or regulatory changes like GST, there are possibilities of engagements across the spectrum and that makes for a very optimistic outlook for the forthcoming years.

What they do

Consultants in the G&PS domain work across hierarchies within the Indian governance eco-system and deliver changes that citizens like us experience on the ground. While for certain projects the consultants help in implementation, there are others that are strategised by governments, partnered with consultants.

From functional perspectives, G&PS consultants have diverse expertise ranging from technology, marketing, operations, finance, digital solutions, change management, re-engineering, business analytics, and so on, but what binds them together is the passion to make a difference and create a better environment for the next generations.

Diverse competencies

Since these consultants work across diverse ministries and states, the competencies required are also diverse. There is as much a demand for civil engineers for a smart city initiative, as there is for a security expert or a sustainability maven. At PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), for instance, there has been a 20-30 per cent annual increase in the number of business graduates taken in with professional exposure, both elementary and comprehensive, to diverse industries.

It is this opportunity that is aiding the growth of the advisory practice of the Big 4, for instance, and Government related work is one of the biggest contributors to this kitty.

Social responsibility

Business potential apart, there is an inherent social responsibility that people working in this area have. At PwC, for instance, we have 400 consultants, mostly young professionals, who are helping establish efficient governance mechanism across ministries and who take immense pride in their role. To take an example, our team, working on MyGov advises the IT ministry in-charge of this initiative on all matters of strategy, operations, and implementation. This team lays down broad guidelines with the government, builds and improves implementation strategies, and manages the operations both long term and short term. Through this, the team is ensuring that participative governance in India is an everyday reality today.

More than just technical

It is this nature of the job, that requires one to be not just technically sound, but also have a sharp mind, acute awareness on current affairs beyond what the television offers, and a zeal to make a difference in society; these are the kind of people who wait in queues in government counters as citizens and make mental notes on how the service delivery experience could be improved. Therefore, while aptitude is of paramount importance, attitude is equally important.

This demand for expertise and professional guidance will only see an upscale in the coming years as governments’ mandates grow in line with the needs and aspirations of citizens. This means that the role of a consultant as an everyday visionary, will become even more crucial as they partner with the Government in the nation building process.

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