13 Oct 2021 19:51 IST

Alliance University ties up with Wipro 3D

The 40-day course module provides hands-on training to students in 3D printing and IoT.

Alliance University Bangalore has signed a MoU with Wipro 3D, in an effort to collaborate on the design and development of industry-aligned IOT centres, IDEA labs, online skilling, and proficiency development programmes in digital manufacturing and the industrial Internet of Things. According to the MoU, Alliance University and Wipro 3D would also offer competency building and advisory programmes relating to Additive Manufacturing (AM).

The collaboration with Wipro 3D will provide hands-on training to students on digital manufacturing. The 40-day course module is designed to help students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the course in 3D printing and IoT, and also help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset. At the end of the course, the students will be provided with the opportunity to work on live projects.

Industry-academia collaboration

The MoU was inked by Alliance University’s Vice-Chancellor Dr Anubha Singh, and Wipro 3D's Vice-President and Business Head Ajay Parikh, with the aim to bridge the industry-academia gap.

Dr Anubha Singh said,“ At Alliance University, we are committed to transforming learning for a better future. This partnership will ensure that the students are prepared to meet the growing demands of the expanding industry and help students to innovate and optimise new products for the AM industry.”

“In this partnership, Wipro 3D brings a strong understanding of AM technology and high credibility in 3D space. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we can support Alliance University to create an industry-ready workforce and engage in relevant research programmes,” said Ajay Parikh.