21 Sep 2021 20:16 IST

Digikull edtech with pay after placement model launches new course

The 24-week data analytics course covers basic basic programming skills in Python, Metplotib, and so on.

Digikull, an edtech platform providing pay after placement support to youngsters, has announced a new programme on data analytics tools. The platform offers full stack development courses to youngsters that are in line with the market demand and allow companies to onboard quality talent. With the launch of the new course, the total number of programme on the platform reaches five. The course covers basic programming on Python, Python libraries, Metplotib, and data analysis frameworks.

Digikull is offering an array of development courses starting from 17 weeks to 32 weeks. The new data analytics course is spread over 24 weeks and the aspirants may avail the same online from the comfort of their home. “More than 30 per cent of students fail to secure jobs immediately after graduation. Organisations are facing difficulties in acquiring skilled talent that fit their requirement. Now, with the adaptation to digital learning, and pay after placement model, one can actually learn the course which is in demand in the market. This solves the purpose for both the sides,” said Himanshu Tyagi, Founder & CEO, Digikull