18 September 2022 17:56:53 IST

IIT Hyderabad launches new electrical engineering degree

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) is launching a four-year BTech in Electrical Engineering with a focus on IC (Integrated Circuit) Design and Technology. The programme, which is offered by Department of Electrical Engineering, is being rolled out in tune with the country’s semiconductor mission.

“It is aimed at producing IC Design and Manufacturing specialists trained in the concepts and techniques of fabless chip design and manufacturing,” an IITH official said. It would also offer summer and semester-long industry internships to students to adapt to the market’s demand.

“The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering course with specialization in IC Design and Technology will focus on creating industry-ready design designers at the undergraduate level. It is a good move to make India a global talent hub in the semiconductor design area,” Sunita Verma, the Group Coordinator (R&D in Electronics and IT), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, said in a statement.