22 December 2021 14:53:49 IST

IIT Madras boosts industry-academia partnerships

The institute is has raised ₹200 crore from 140 corporates for tech-driven CSR activities.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) has raised around ₹200 crore for CSR projects from more than 140 corporates, implementing high-quality, technology-driven CSR projects pan-India. To further the industry-academia partnerships, the institution organised a roundtable meet on ‘Explore and Grow: CSR Partnerships’ in Mumbai on December 16. .

The event focused on the emerging trend within India’s CSR - the use of technology to drive change on the ground. The evening witnessed the active participation of Corporate Leaders from various industries. The panels explored pressing issues such as affordable healthcare, sustainable urban infrastructure development, algorithms to solve real-world problems and revolutionising the edu-skilling space.

Addressing the industry leaders, Prof Mahesh Panchagnula, Dean (Corporate and Alumni Affairs), IIT Madras, shared, “IIT Madras is excited to partner with Corporate India on this exciting journey of creating Indian-origin solutions to the world’s problems. We are very proud of our students and our alumni who are vested in developing technologies that will transform tomorrow’s India. ”