15 January 2021 10:50:59 IST

Shiv Nadar University inks pact with engineering institutes in France

Students can be a part of ‘study abroad projects’ across the consortium of 50 institutions in France

Shiv Nadar University has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Network “n+i” of Engineering Institutes in France, a not-for-profit association that brings together 50 French engineering institutes of higher education. The five-year agreement cements the joint aim of the two institutions to pursue academic and educational exchange as well as research collaboration in fields such as science, engineering, technology and management.

The partnership enables students of Shiv Nadar University at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, to participate in training programmes, semester exchanges, and ‘study abroad projects’ across the consortium of 50 engineering institutions in France. Reciprocally, Shiv Nadar University will welcome students from Network “n+” institutes to various programes that it offers.

Meaningful exposure

Shiv Nadar University’s Dean of International Partnerships, Professor and Head – Department of Economics, Dr Partha Chatterjee, said, “In an increasingly connected and globalised world, it is our constant effort to bring opportunities of meaningful international exposure to our students. We are excited to provide great opportunities for students who are seeking to gain a vital global perspective to shape their ideas and make them effective problem-solvers for the future.”

“This new agreement opens new avenues of collaboration between the consortium “n+i” gathering 50 highly ranked French engineering institutions and Shiv Nadar University. We have appreciated for many years the cooperation with Shiv Nadar University and are pleased to see this University being now chosen as an Institution of Eminence,” said Dr Georges Santini, Executive Director of the “n+i” Consortium.

What is Network “n+i”

Network “n+i”is recognised by general interest and was created in 1997 under the initiative of the French Conférence des Directeurs des EcolesFrançaisesd'Ingénieurs (CDEFI). It brings together about 50 French engineering institutions of higher education (Arts et MétiersParistech, INSA (s), Polytech (s), and ENPC) who have chosen to mutualise their international cooperation efforts to attract and welcome high-calibre foreign students, who will be the future top executives of French and foreign companies over the world.