13 December 2016 09:23:53 IST

There’s life after superannuation, says start-up

NotRetired offers work to the retired and those planning to quit current jobs

Is it the end of one’s career after retirement? What will happen to the enormous experience one has gained over a period of time?

With life expectancy going up significantly thanks to improved medical help as well as nutritious food, old age could leave one with the terrible feeling of leading an idle life.

NotRetired.in, a start-up job portal for the elderly, says there’s a lot one can do after retirement.

Focussing on seniors

One can earn respectable money, while finding a creative way to kill time. Backed by the promoter of infrastructure development firm Golden Gate Properties, the start-up is focussing on people in the age group of 58-70 years of age. It is also focusing on those with 25 years of experience and those who are planning to quit their jobs.

“A good number of them don’t really know how to go about their retired life. Some of them really need a job to fend for themselves even after retirement. They can find a dignified job without having to work for long hours,” K Pratap, Managing Director of Pratik Ventures, told BusinessLine.

Demand for experience

“A large number of people retire from top IT companies, public sector establishments, Defence and police departments. They come with decades of experience in IT, security, human resources and other fields.

“On the demand side, corporates and start-ups require people with experience that they can deploy,” he said.

The number of people above the age of 60 years went up by 35.5 per cent to 10.3 crore in 2011 from 7.6 crore in 2001. This is expected to cross the 21-crore mark by 2021, Pratap said.

Providing a platform

“We find a problem here. A good number of those retired from the service want to take up a job but don’t really know whom to ask. We are providing a platform for such people. We list both the openings at various corporates and also the skill sets of people listed on our website,” he said.

The six-member start-up will initially focus on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. “We will add one city each in the next few months. While head hunters and recruiters are located in 5-6 major ones, you find retired people, willing to take up jobs all over the country,” he said.