21 Jun 2016 16:52 IST

That floating feeling you get listening to Ludovico Einaudi…

…is not just from the music. With Greenpeace, Italian composer performs on Arctic ice-floe for a cause

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian pianist and composer, born on November 23, 1955 in Turin. His father, Giulio Einaudi, was a publisher who worked with authors like Italo Calvino and Primo Levi, and his grandfather, Luigi Einaudi, was President of Italy between 1948 and 1955. His mother Renata nee Aldrovandi played the piano to him as a child. Her father, Waldo Aldrovandi, was a pianist, opera conductor and composer who migrated to Australia after World War II.

According to Wikipedia, Ludovico trained at the Conservatorio Verdi in Milan and under composer Luciano Berio in the early 1980s. Einaudi began his career as a classical composer, and soon began incorporating other styles and genres — including pop, rock, world music and folk music. Einaudi composed the scores for a number of films and trailers, including The Intouchables and I’m Still Here, the TV miniseries Doctor Zhivago, and Acquario in 1996, for which he won the Grolla d’oro for best soundtrack. He has also released a number of solo albums of piano and orchestra, notably ‘Nightbook’ in 2009, and ‘In a Time Lapse’ in 2013. ‘Taranta Project’, a collaborative album, was released in May 2015, and ‘Elements’ in October 2015.

On June 19, in collaboration with Greenpeace, Einaudi performed a historic concert, set on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean, against the icy backdrop of the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway. The performance coincides with a week-long meeting of the OSPAR Commission in Tenerife, Spain — a panel which could ensure that protected areas set up in international arctic waters.

Read more about this unique concert here . Listen to the concert below.



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