20 Oct 2015 20:15 IST

The Ethiopian fashion tribe that turns nature into haute couture

They use natural-occurring substances to paint patterns on their bodies

The human race, to date, does not know the wonders that the African continent holds. Not just in terms of resources, but also otherwise. Take the case of the Surma and Mursi tribes who live in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia. They use natural occurring pigments and nature’s bounty to fashion themselves clothes and accessories that would definitely give the avant-garde looks of haute couture fashion weeks across the world a run for their money.

The tribes were captured in stunning photographs by German-born photographer Hans Silvester, who has documented everything from the ravages of deforestation in the Amazon to the lives of women in Rajasthan.

Due to the nomadic nature of their lives, their skin and style is the only way for tribes like these to express themselves and even have a record of their existence.

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