09 Sep 2015 21:46 IST

What if your college was haunted?

Exploring the rumours of paranormal activity in Indian colleges

Have you ever contemplated the idea that your alma mater may be haunted? According to a recent article on AskMe.com, some colleges in India may already be!

A few colleges and universities in India that are rumoured to be haunted include:-

St. Bede’s College, Shimla: St. Bede’s students have claimed that they hear weird noises from the dining room around midnight.

University of Pune: According to the article, the grave of Alice Richman, a British/Australian woman living in Pune during the colonial era, can be found on campus. Students swear to have seen a women dressed in white lurking around on campus.

Madras Christian College: The story behind the alleged paranormal activity in Madras Christian College can be attributed to a former student of the college who committed suicide on campus after a rough break up. According to students, paranormal activity takes place near the same room where the student supposedly killed himself.

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