16 September 2015 13:06:22 IST

Festival on Artificial Intelligence to take place in capital

Entails film screenings, workshops, and interactive sessions

Science fiction films which explore stories of robots and technology followed by a series of workshops and interactive sessions on the same subject are lined up at a Artificial Intelligence Festival beginning in New Delhi on September 17.

Six films from Hollywood have been scheduled for screening at the American Centre here, which is collaborating with Cinedarbaar for the three day event.

Speakers have been invited to be a part of discussion with the audience post the screenings, organisers said.

Bijoy Philip, a doctoral scholar at the Department of Cinema Studies at JNU has been invited to speak on the subject of ‘History of Fictional Robots in American Cinema’ on the opening day of the festival.

Anugyan Nag a film scholar is set to throw light on the Human Species and the futuristic world of space and technology in the genre of Science Fiction and the Future as a technological utopia and dystopia.

On the last day of the festival Abhija Ghosh, a PhD scholar in Cinema Studies from JNU, is slated to talk about Dystopic Imagination in Hollywood Science Fiction.

The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, which is set to open the festival.

2001: A Space Odyssey , Star Wars , Blade Runner , and Robocop are among the other films to be screened.

The festival is scheduled to close with an action and crime film Chappie .

The diversity and interaction of robots in cinema is being showcased in cinema. Robots in cinema have existed in forms of robots — a programmed device that performs mechanically or automatically such asHal 900.

Android — refers to automation or artificial man that possesses human features and resembles human beings such as Star Trek and Cyborg which refers to a human whose body and physiological processes are aided or controlled such as Robocop.

The event, which is free but by invitation only also hosts a quiz programme with prizes sponsored by the American Centre.