13 May 2018 18:15 IST

Jada Pinkett Smith still ‘angry’ with Tupac for leaving her

Tupac was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996

Jada Pinkett Smith is still mourning the loss of her longtime best friend Tupac Shakur and the actor says she is “angry” that the iconic rapper “left” her when he was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996.

In episode two of her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, the 46-year-old opens up about the impact of the tragic death of the rapper.

“A lot of people try to figure out my relationship with Pac. That was, you know, a huge loss in my life,” Pinkett Smith tells her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and 17-year-old daughter Willow Smith.

“Because he was one of those people that I expected to be here. My upset is more anger. Because I feel that he left me. And I know that’s not true. I really did believe he was going to be here for the long run,” she adds.

Tupac and Pinkett Smith studied together at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland.

The Magic Mike XXL star had earlier revealed that as young aspiring artistes in the mid-’80s, they bonded quickly.

“It was the first day and he came over to me and introduced himself. And in high school, Pac was a little funny looking. Definitely from looking at him, wasn’t necessarily the type of cat that I would even like, deal with,” Pinkett Smith recalled in a May 2009 interview.

“But as soon as he approached me, he was like a magnet. Once you paid attention to him he kind of sucked you in. And we hit it off from that moment on,” she had said.