23 Mar 2017 13:24 IST

Being healthy is the new cool, says Pepsico India's Deepika Warrier

Deepika Warrier, Vice-President, Nutrition Category, Pepsico India

In this video, PepsiCo's Deepika Warrier tells Vinay Kamath about innovations in Quaker Oats and Tropicana

Pepsico India has upped its nutrition quotient with the launch of ‘Made in India, for India’ innovations with its Quaker Oats and Tropicana brands. To parlay healthier, nutritious and tastier options, Quaker has ventured into the breakfast space with the launch of the ready-to-cook range of Quaker Nutri Foods, which will churn out oats-infused idlis, dosas, upma and khichdi.

The packaged products contain, apart from oats, dietary fibre, protein and selenium, which helps support the immune function. “The new trend is that health is the new cool and younger consumers are more interested in targeted nutrition. There’s also more awareness of what nutrition really means. Customised offerings are important for them, and so is the morning meal, as they have control over what they can eat while the rest of the day they would be busy at work,” explains Deepika Warrier, Vice-President, Nutrition Category, Pepsico India.

WHO recommendations

Tropicana Essentials is a functional juice platform; its first variant is fruit & veggies, which provides the health benefits of phytonutrients without any added sugar. While WHO, she says, recommends consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a study found that Indians consume only 3.5 servings. A 200 ml pack of Tropicana Essentials can deliver one serving of fruit and vegetables.

As Warrier explains, given the rushed lifestyles of urban consumers today, there is a need for healthy options in easy-to-adopt formats. “Our focus while creating the new platforms has been to provide solutions to nutritional requirements while ensuring consumers enjoy a great taste experience. The Quaker Nutri Foods range will have up to 40-50 per cent of oats and will be priced starting at ₹40 for a 40 gm pack. Tropicana is priced at ₹30 for a 200 ml pack and ₹75 for a 500 ml pack.