23 November 2015 07:42:50 IST

Defence Minister warns against disruptive cyber attacks

Cautions Indian Army against possible “information blackout”

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on November 23 warned against India being vulnerable to cyber attacks even as he urged technological enhancement.

“We need to enhance our capabilities so that we protect ourselves against such cyber attacks," Parrikar said while addressing the DEFCOM 2015 organised by CII in New Delhi on November 23.

He cautioned the Indian Army against a possible “information blackout” underscoring the need for enhanced capabilities to ensure protection from disruptive cyber attacks or manipulations.

“Because of Information Technology, you can get so much information that getting vital information out of that becomes something like finding a needle in a haystack,” the Minister said.

He added that the Indian Army should not only use the digital advantage but also protect itself against destructive technology of adversaries. He said India has one of the pioneers of software development, hence, it is expected that Indian armed forces has better hardware designing and integration.

He even cited the example of the usage of internet by Islamic State (IS) militants for their promotion.

“Daesh (ISIS) is using internet for recruitment and support and are using it for their cause … (They are) one of the best user of internet technology,” he said.

Parrikar said the world might soon witness future wars in the cyber world.

“The world that we as a nation will be interacting which is increasingly fraught with turbulence and will call for dominant military might. We need to develop technology and system appropriate to evolving military doctrine … Future wars may be cyber wars,” the Minister added while inaugurating the two-day event.

He said while we progress through IT and make a more digitalised army, the danger is of disruption through cyber attacks by the enemy. “We need to enhance our capabilities to ensure that they are protected from such disruptive cyber attacks or cyber manipulations,” he said.

Parrikar, however, asserted that boots on the ground cannot be replaced. “Ultimately conventional armies cannot be replaced but they can be equipped with equipment which will provide them with all the information to fight with a well decided and well planned way without getting interrupted.”