08 Jan 2016 17:54 IST

Delivery of goods and services to villages vital: Bibek Debroy

Debroy delivers lecture at ICFAI University in Hyderabad

Delivery of public goods and services to over one lakh remote villages in the country should be given priority, according to Bibek Debroy, Member, National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog.

He was delivering a lecture on the role of government and citizens expectations at the ICFAI University campus in Hyderabad on January 8.

Stating that governance focuses on the participatory process and brings in citizens into decision making, he said the expectations of citizens from the government were security, law and order, physical infrastructure, social infrastructure, and subsidies.

“However, as the administrative and fiscal capacity of the government is limited, it is necessary to prioritise and concentrate on a few items of importance. From a highly centralised country, India was moving towards decentralization and devolution and the role of the Centre was becoming smaller and administration, leaner,” he added.

J Mahender Reddy, Vice Chancellor, ICFAI University said that the expectations from the government ranged from protection, safety, and equal opportunity to fairness and accountability in public service, ease of doing business, and free enterprise.