14 March 2016 13:47:20 IST

Girls just wanna have positivity

Understanding the power of positive connection in management

What does positivity have to do with management? As it turns out, quite a bit, according to speakers at the session on ‘Power of Positive Connection’, at the Madras Management Association’s 14th annual Women Managers Convention on March 12. The two participants, Yogacharini Maitreyi and Kokila Hariram, conducted a highly interactive and informative session, much to the delight of the audience.

Harnessing one’s energy

Maitreyi, a former businesswoman and currently the founder of the Arkaya Awareness Centre, spoke about her journey into yoga and how she used it to rediscover herself. “While I was in the business, I never learned to pace myself. I was burnt out, and I told my partner that I wanted to take a break, or possibly even quit. I decided to focus on my first love, yoga, and went to an ashram . I stayed on there as an acharini (one who can internalise and manifest a vision, or one who can translate thought into action) for six years; in the process, I rediscovered myself.”

Maitreyi also conducted exercises and imparted tools to harness and channel one’s internal ‘energy of abundance’. One of the most important aspects of her address was her alluding to the goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati, referring to their characteristics as life lessons and practices that can be adopted by everyone. She closed with a small ode to women.

Understanding the power within

Kokila, danseuse and founder of the Academy of Modern Dance, also spoke of her journey and how she perceived the topic of discussion. “I was encouraged by my husband, who is a former dancer, to start the Academy. While he doesn’t dance any more, he is busy dancing to my tunes!” she joked, evoking laughter from the audience.

Kokila decided to split up and explain each word in the topic of discussion, starting with the word ‘power’. According to her, women are mothers, wives, homemakers, caretakers and givers, which in itself is very powerful. The power comes from within. “Through these roles, you are not only giving power, you are also accepting power,” she said.

Coming to the word ‘positive’, she noted that “it is hard for people to be positive nowadays”. However, she added that positivity is simple to achieve, and it is as easy as thanking or complimenting someone, be it on the road, in a shop, and especially in the workplace. The point of positivity, believes Kokila, is to make people feel special and important.

Addressing the word ‘connection’, she referred to her own experiences of teaching dance, especially to her younger students (whom she refers to as her children). She believed that “connection is not just about teaching a subject or a skill, but also about imparting values. I teach my children to imagine”.

Kokila concluded the session by asking everyone present to dance to the 2010 Shakira hit ‘Waka Waka’, which they did with verve, and with a twist at the end, when everyone chorused “This time for India”.