17 Jun 2015 15:22 IST

Govt initiatives offer scope for young entrepreneurs

Prof Mehta urged Karnataka Governor to be promoter of quality in higher education institutions

A scientist from the field of chemistry thinks that the new initiatives of the Union Government offer opportunities for innovations.

Delivering the 33rd convocation address at Mangalore University on June 17, Goverdhan Mehta, National Research Professor, School of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, urged the graduating students to aspire to become an innovator to provide solutions to the problems that are micro or mega, simple of complex, local or global.

“In the present context, initiatives for ‘Swachch Bharat’, ‘Make in India’, mission to clean Ganga and other water bodies, and affordable healthcare for all offer opportunities for innovations that range from ‘frugal to grandiose’, which are adaptable and scalable at ‘local to global’ level. Some of you should gear up to tackle these huge challenges and serve the Nation,” he said.

Urging the students to cultivate an impulse to innovate to address myriad real world problems, he said innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Touching upon the concerns of the graduating students on employment, he said there are limits to it. “On the other hand, explorations through creative instincts such as art, music, sports, photography and writing, and individual entrepreneurial fervor are unlimited,” he said.

Quoting a recent study, he said the success in life is determined only 20 per cent by disciplinary and domain knowledge and the rest comes from attitudes, aspirations and soft skills.

“Learn to become a smart player in mind games, acquire flair for objective analysis and synchronise these with the callings of the profession you may choose,” he added.

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