06 October 2015 11:27:15 IST

Highway projects worth ₹67K cr at high risk: Crisil

Around 50% of projects under-construction at high risk of not being completed, adds Crisil

About 5,100 km of under-construction highway projects worth ₹67,200 crore are under high risk, Crisil Ratings said in a survey.

Apart from this, 2,400 km operational BOT projects worth ₹25,800 crore are at high risk mainly due to weak financial profile of sponsors and inability to service debt.

“Around 7,500 km of highway projects, including 5,100 km under-construction and 2,400 km operational, awarded mostly between fiscals 2010 and 2012 on a build, operate, transfer (BOT), basis, are at high risk today,” Crisil Ratings Senior Director Sudip Sural said in a conference call.

Around 50 per cent of the projects under-construction are at high risk of not being completed because of significant cost over-runs and weak wherewithal of sponsors.

“We believe the remaining will benefit from proactive moves by the government to facilitate right of way (ROW) and other clearances. We find the recent government move to ensure 80 per cent ROW, before a project is awarded very constructive,” he said.

Sural further said that the under-construction projects require equity and cost-overrun support of around ₹28,500 crore over the next two years.

“Of this, about ₹16,000 crore could be stumped up from internal accrual of sponsors and sale of stake at the special purpose vehicle level. That leaves a significant shortfall of ₹12,500 crore,” he added.

The report found that 26 out of 80 operational projects are in no position to service debt on their own because of lower-than-estimated traffic.

These projects, which are mostly toll-based, span about 2,400 km, or 40 per cent of total length of operational BOT highways, and have an outstanding debt of ₹17,100 crore.

“Operational highway projects have been facing cash flow mismatches in the past few years because of lower-than-estimated traffic volume, and interest rates that were on the ascend till 2014.

“Now, with interest rates on the decline, pressure will ease a touch, but debt service coverage ratios will remain less than one, over the next two years,” Sural said.

As a result, timely support from sponsors to bridge cash-flow mismatches will be critical because debt in these projects is without recourse to the sponsor, he added.