02 Feb 2018 13:26 IST

India key player in US’ South Asia Strategy: Pentagon

'Our relationship with India is multifaceted'

India is playing a key role in ensuring the success of President Donald Trump’s South Asia Strategy by providing tremendous amount of developmental aid to the region, the Pentagon has said.

India has pledged $3.1 billion in assistance to Afghanistan since 2001. It is one of the biggest donors in the region to the war-torn country where US-led NATO forces are fighting Taliban insurgency.

“Our relationship with India is multifaceted. India is helping with respect to the South Asian Strategy. They’ve provided a tremendous amount of developmental aid. They’ve also offered to help with aviation maintenance,” Pentagon’s Chief Spokesperson Dana White told reporters yesterday.

She was responding to questions on India’s role in the fight against terrorism.

“There’s an opportunity. India is a perfect example of where the (defence) secretary wants to find and build relationships with partners, and so that’s what we are doing. And with respect to the South Asia Strategy, they are a key player in ensuring its success,” White said.