09 Jul 2018 19:25 IST

Manipal Academy of Higher Education awarded UGC’s ‘Institute of Eminence’ status

Status will serve as an inspiration to raise the standard of teaching and research: MAHE Chancellor Pai

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has been awarded the status of an ‘Institute of Eminence’ the University Grants Commission (UGC). MAHE is among the six universities that were awarded the status today.

By doing so, the UGC has created a distinct category of universities among those awaiting the deemed status that will be regulated differently. The move is aimed at producing world class universities within a more reasonable period of time.

The objective of ‘Institutes of Eminence’ is to provide quality higher education that leads to excellence and innovation in such branches of knowledge as may be deemed fit at postgraduate, graduate and research degree levels, and award degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions.

It also aims to create engagement in specialisation that will help make distinctive contributions to the objective of the university education system, whereacademic engagement is clearly distinguishable from other programmes. Such engagement is to help develop the capacity of students and researchers to compete in the global tertiary education marketplace through acquisition and creation of advanced knowledge in the aforementioned areas.

The status will also pay special attention to teaching and research in unique and emerging areas of knowledge, including interdisciplinary areas that are regarded important for strategic needs of the country but are not being pursued by conventional or existing institutions, and award degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions.

Reacting to the UGC’s decision to award the ‘institute of eminence’ status to MAHE, Ramdas M Pai, Chancellor, MAHE, said that the status “will serve as an inspiration for the university to move forward with greater confidence and resolve to raise the standard of teaching and research to higher levels.” “This development is a stepping stone for the university to earn prestige of being one among the top 200 universities in the world. We will direct our efforts to achieve this distinction and live up to the expectations of the Government of India,” he said.

MAHE Pro-Chancellor, HS Ballal, said that despite India being the third largest education provider in the world, Indian universities were dismally placed in world rankings. “I am glad that the HRD Ministry has recognised our potential. It is a great moment, a great opportunity,” he said.

H Vinod Bhat, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE, said that the status will provide the university freedom to innovate, add new branches, and partnerships with overseas universities. It will be very beneficial for students, he added.