17 Jan 2016 17:13 IST

Mobile broadband business key focus for Ericsson in 2016

Paolo Colella, head of Indian operations, says the country is full of opportunities

Ericsson’s mobile broadband business, and Operating and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) will be the key area of focus in 2016 for the communication technology major in India. The company is hoping to grow faster than the market.

“The market is currently in full swing to deploy 3G and 4G services. So, mobile broadband is important for us to get the necessary back-end infrastructure to support the deployment of these services,” said Paolo Colella, Head of Region India, at Ericsson. The company is carrying out fibre deployment on a large scale.

“We are working on the OSS/BSS area as well helping operators to transform and modernise their (telecom operators’) software stacks to bring the market new services,” informed Colella.

Apart from the telecom sector that forms a major portion of their business in India, Ericsson is actively working with the energy and transport sector to maximise returns by entering new markets.

Indian market

Colella was present at IIT Delhi to announce the launch of Ericsson’s Innovation Awards India 2016, open to 14 premier engineering institute’s across the country. The Stockholm-headquartered company will support three projects for incubation at IIT approved technology business incubators.

Colella, who took charge four months ago, looks at India as more of an opportunity than a challenge. “Most of the Indian youth can understand English and have high IT education. This makes the adoption of new trends fast,” he added.

According to Colella, the market in India will grow and develop much faster than in other countries and Ericsson has to work towards constantly uplifting its capabilities and competencies to be a key player.

Colella is also upbeat about the overall business environment in the country. “The government is doing a fantastic job in promoting digital transformation of the country, campaigning in different parts of the world and inviting foreign investments to come and invest in India,” he said.

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