16 September 2015 10:53:37 IST

SmartTrak develops plug-and-play solar micro inverter for homes, rural areas

To cost ₹20,000 and consume 300 Watt

Solar photovoltaic solutions company SmartTrak has announced the launch of a plug and play solar micro-inverter for homes and remote locations in rural areas, developed by a team of young engineers in house.

The Hyderabad-based start-up, which started its journey as a solar tracking solutions provider, both manufacturing tracking systems and installing them, is making its next big move with the launch of solar micro-inverter for homes.

Power usage

“We have developed this simple solution that can be fixed at homes and in rural areas. Unlike fixed sized systems of 1,000 Watt, 2,000 Watt and 3,000 Watt, this comes with a small size of 300 Watt with each panel fitted to a small inverter. This makes the whole system modular for any user. They can gradually be scaled up when required,” Bhagawan Reddy Gnanapa, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of SmartTrak, said.

The small inverter-based system optimises solar energy harvest as compared to conventional string or central inverters, which are more expensive and have lower flexibility to the consumer in terms of upgrading, he explained.

The home-based solar system, starting from 300 Watt and priced at ₹20,000 including the panel, has the facility to track the performance. The micro inverters wirelessly communicate with the Smart Wave Gateway created by the company and then to mobiles.

The company, whose clientele includes Photon Energy, L&T, and Reliance, among others, has thus far installed over 60 MW of solar trackers and has an order book of over 100 MW.

Turnover target

“We are looking at a turnover of ₹140 crore this fiscal, a big jump from last year’s revenue of ₹10.7 crore. This is possible due to a strong order book and majority of it is at an advanced stage of implementation,” he said.

The company uses solar trackers from its manufacturing facility located at Hardware Park near here. These trackers, when installed, improve the solar PV efficiency by about 20 per cent, he said. “We are at advanced stage of negotiations to raise about $ 25 million,” he said.