27 December 2016 09:12:49 IST

Start-ups continue to buzz at IIT-Madras campus hiring

In the first phase of recruitment, 45 start-ups participate

Start-up companies continued to be significant recruiters at IIT Madras this year too, along with other regulars.

In the first phase of campus recruitment last week, of the total 176 companies, 45 were start-ups, including Belcan, Citicorp Services, Enfrein, My Ally and Noodle Analytics. A total of 137 offers were made, which saw 116 students being placed.

Incidentally, the total number of 45 companies in the first phase is equivalent to the number of start-ups that visited the institute during the entire academic year 2014-15, recruiting118 students. However, the number doubled in 2015-16 with a total of 95 start-ups recruiting 259 students. “We expect a similar trend this year with a significant number of students joining start-ups,” said an official at IIT.

The first phase of the 2016-17 placement season at IIT Madras began on December 1 with the ‘graveyard’ session at 00:01 hrs. After a total of 14 sessions of placement interviews, which were scheduled till December 13, a total of 672 out of 1,195 registered students were placed. Along with 57 students who have accepted pre-placement offers, the total number of students placed so far stands at 729.

Companies that made a large number of offers include Intel, Citicorp Services, Eaton, Samsung R&D Bangalore, EY, EXL Services, Belcan and Axis Bank. A total of nine international offers were made, including three in the ‘graveyard’ session. A total of 90 participating companies were from the R&D and core sectors. This was followed by 43 from the IT-related sector. There were also more than 35 companies in analytics and consulting, according to IIT Madras data.

Interestingly, apart from Indian Navy, ISRO and ONGC that had conducted their placements before December 1, IIT Madras saw participation from Coal India, BEL, and CDAC among government-led companies during the first phase. More PSU and government-led companies are expected on the campus during the next phase, set to commence from mid-January, said a statement from the institute.

Manu Santhanam, Advisor - Training & Placement, IIT Madras, in the statement said the first phase of campus placements saw almost 60 per cent of the registered students getting job offers, a situation similar to last year. “We hope the momentum continues in the next phase.”