12 Jan 2016 14:37 IST

Want a dress exactly like your favourite stars sported?

Stylumia will find you a match with its aesthetic intelligence platform

Former poster boy for Myntra’s disruptive fashion solutions, Ganesh Subramanian, has a new ace up his sleeve. After spearheading the launch of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered fashion platform for Myntra last September, he quit to start his own venture, Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd.

He is now in the final stages of launching a ‘Made in India’ aesthetic intelligence platform that aims to empower consumers to find exactly the styles they have in mind, be it what their favourite film star wore in a movie or that near-perfect creation they have visualised wearing. The platform will also enable fashion & lifestyle professionals to make informed decisions on how to spot fashion trends, what to make, where to stock, and more.

“Today, a lot of people search for fashion products. However, there is a huge gap in what they seek and what their text or visual search throws up. Stylumia is a cutting edge, AI-led fashion intelligence platform that will bring the most relevant match to what is being searched,” Subramanian, Founder-CEO of Stylumia, told BusinessLine. Stylumia will go live in the first week of April with three Indian customers, on a pay-per-use, software-as-a-service model.

So, the next time you walk into a fashion store powered by Stylumia, be prepared to receive instant in-store style recommendations, as a camera takes a picture of you, which Stylumia will decode in real time to come up with what suits your taste profile.

Subramanian has roped in Ram Prakash H, a computer science engineer with 15 years of expertise in Machine Learning AI and Computer Vision, as co-founder and CTO.

Target areas

Stylumia is targeted at fashion professionals, manufacturers, brands and retailers in India and the world. The company has just started the process of raising capital. The $1.3-trillion global fashion market is growing at 5 per cent and the $60-billion domestic fashion market is growing at 10 per cent.

“Fashion is a very speculative business where bets are taken, largely based on judgment. As a result, over 50 per cent of the fashion products are sold at discounted rates, a challenging issue that needs a solution. Stylumia will provide actionable intelligence from both structured and unstructured consumer data sourced from the web and directly from consumers.

“Fashion decision makers can use Stylumia to come up with styles that customers love in shorter cycle times; data on consumer buying behaviour will be fed back into the computer, which will continue to learn and deliver precise fashion predictions over time,” said Subramanian.

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