04 Apr 2017 13:21 IST

Wonderla unveils new brand identity

Allocates ₹26 crore for marketing in FY2018

India’s leading amusement park operator, Wonderla Holidays, has unveiled a new brand identity to reposition Wonderla as a complete entertainment and hospitality brand that goes much beyond its core offering of high-thrill rides, water rides and kids rides. The company has allocated ₹26 crore for marketing in FY 2018.

Wonderla owns and operates three amusement parks, one each in Kochi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and a resort in Bengaluru. Work on its fourth park in Chennai, which is being set up at an investment of ₹350 crore, will begin later this year, and plans are on to open a fifth park in Goa, Maharashtra or Gujarat. “We began our journey 17 years ago and it was time for us to get a brand refresh to reflect our evolution from amusement parks to resorts to a complete national entertainment and hospitality destination. Our new logo is bright and colourful in shades of yellow and indigo; modern and uncluttered with silhouettes of our amusement park and resorts business, at the same time it reflects our transformation into a destination for all ages. We have dropped Chikku, the monkey, from our logo however, it will continue to be our brand mascot in the parks,” said Arun K Chittilappilly, Managing Director.

Stating that the company is ready to expand its footprint nationally as a full holiday destination with entertainment and hospitality elements, he said: “We would like to establish a footprint in five cities in the next five years. While we have an 84-room resort located beside the amusement park in Bengaluru, we plan to set up resorts beside our Kochi and Hyderabad parks, when we are able to attract one million visitors to each park every year.”

The company will be rolling out a new brand campaign and a theme song that will go on air from April 6.

Wonderla witnessed a 30 per cent increase in footfalls in FY-2017, attracting 2.6 million visitors to its three parks, driven by footfalls from its most recently opened Hyderabad park.

While the Kochi park saw a marginal increase in footfalls, Bengaluru had a negative growth due to steep increase in entry ticket prices. To date, Wonderla has entertained over three crore visitors across its three parks and has been ranked as India’s number 1 amusement park and Asia’s 7th best amusement park by Trip Advisor.

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