19 Nov 2020 21:07 IST

Building the perfect resume for a digital marketing job

A simple resume that showcases the applicant’s accomplishments backed up with data can go a long way

Digital marketing jobs are one of the most sought after and popular jobs today. The pandemic has shown us the potential of digital marketing. Users are adapting to the new normal and demand for digital marketing has increased due to a spike in screen time. The need for the right talent in digital marketing is only bound to increase. Recruiters are going to review several resumes for potential digital marketers. So, if you’re looking to apply for digital marketing jobs, here are some pointers to keep in mind to make sure your resume stands out.

Choose a simple layout

Though the job calls for creativity, you can consider avoiding that while creating your resume. Many candidates often use bright colours or overuse colours, and use ineligible fonts. Recruiters look for simplicity and not the aesthetics of the resume. Always maintain the colour of your font as black. Adding a pop of subtle colours to your resume can brighten it up, but remember not to overuse them. Use bigger fonts for headings, and leave some white space in your resume.

Quantify data wherever possible

As a digital marketer, your job is to produce results. Recruiters often find themselves skimming through too many applications and may only have the time to skim through. Hence, avoid using descriptive words like several, numerous, various and replace those words with data. A good example would be- “Handled 6 accounts in the first year, increasing traffic by 200 per cent for three of their clients.”

Right summary

A digital marketing summary is a brief introduction, and is a great chance to tell the recruiter why you’re the best candidate for the job. Keep it no longer than 200 characters and let numbers do the talking for your key accomplishments. For example, “Creative digital marketer with 2+ years of experience in a leading digital marketing agency. Created unique campaigns for XYZ client which resulted in 1,900 app downloads.”

Perfect your skills section

Use relevant skills such as SEO tools, copywriting, analytical tools, integrated marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and more to your skills. Apart from this, general but important skills like attention to detail, and willingness to learn can be included. You can also rate your level of knowledge in software and tools. If you have been certified for taking online courses in digital marketing, including them will go a long way.

Provide links

This is an extremely useful method to showcase your accomplishments to the recruiters. This enables them to see your work without coming off as self-boasting. You can enclose your online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, articles, blogs, personal blogs, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts, if they are relevant. It acts as a proof to back up your claims, thus, building credibility.

Stick to a one-page resume

As mentioned earlier, recruiters might have to review several resumes a day and it can get cumbersome. Organise your accomplishments, go in reverse chronological order and keep your role descriptions short. Concerning the education section, mentioning your course summary along with the CGPA, prizes/awards and leadership positions is plenty. Remember not to make the resume look too packed.

Some mistakes to avoid:

Avoid justification — it leaves uneven gaps making it hard to read.

Do not push the alignment to the centre — naturally, the eye goes to the left of the page while reading and this can disturb the reading

Using the same format for all your texts — you can perhaps increase the size of heading or use features like bold and italics to highlight headings.

Now that you have these tips, remember to apply them while creating your resume. In conclusion, keeping the resume simple, quantifying data, providing proof to your claims, and organising your information properly can help you build a resume that speaks for you.