09 Jul 2020 00:49 IST

For 30 B-School grads, life at Samsung starts with Work from Home

Abeer Om

Virtual orientation and online interactions with team leads helped them understand the company better

Thirty bright young graduates began their corporate innings as management trainees at Samsung India this week, but with a twist. Their first corporate job starts with Work from Home.

For them, workstations have been replaced by the favourite corner of their home, conference room meetings by con-calls and coffee machines by cups of coffee from their kitchens. But their excitement remains intact.

These trainees have joined from top Indian B-schools including the IIMs, MDI-Gurgaon, FMS-New Delhi, among others.

In a special programme called Power Talk, leaders from across the company connected with the management trainees to encourage them. They shared their knowledge, personal experiences, and challenges and explained how they resolved them, giving them a glimpse of corporate life. Besides this, group projects and problem-solving tasks assigned to them as a part of their training will help them build team spirit and get better acquainted with one another.

“It’s a very different beginning as we are not physically present in office,” says Abeer Om, an alumnus of MDI-Gurgaon and a traveller at heart, an avid quizzer and a budding frisbee player.

“We had a virtual orientation and even online interactions with different business leaders that has helped understand the company better,” he says.

The thirty new staffers were taken on a virtual tour of their office through videos and photographs, so that they could get an idea of how the office looks, and take a peek at the break out areas, gym, yoga room, café and the Executive Business Centre.

Amidha Jaiswal, who comes from the holy city of Varanasi, is excited to start her career with Samsung, but says she will miss being in her new office and meeting team members and leads.

Tanya Sharma

“Till we meet, we can rely on the technology around us for e-meetings and online calls,” says Jaiswal, who is a sports buff – a javelin thrower and a basketball player.


Tanya Sharma from ISB Hyderabad wishes she could be at her workstation and use the office gym that she’s heard so much about, and only seen in photographs and videos!

One of the five core values of Samsung is ‘A company is its people’. Samsung is dedicated to giving its people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential.

As the new batch of management trainees is welcomed into the Samsung India family, one thing’s for sure: Their corporate innings has started in the most unique way possible.