22 May 2015 09:59:07 IST

How an MBA helped me in my corporate career

A WeSchool Alumnus shares his learnings

I learnt to handle a team

This is the first thing that helped me especially in the field of Sales and Marketing. Our job is to handle senior sales officers who are 5 to 10 years older and more experienced then you, understanding their issues, considering their views before taking important decisions.

I learnt to arrive at logical conclusions after considering collective views. This was because in WeSchool, we were exposed to many projects that gave me an opportunity to work in teams of peers with opposable minds.

Importance of EQ and IQ

One of the things that I picked up from my B-School education is that it is important to strike the right balance between EQ and IQ. This belief stems from my observation that the several successful managers understand people and situations well in addition to the excellent understanding of business that they possess orhave developed over the years.

During our MBA we were pushed to analyse and work on case studies as well as undertake live projects. This taught us that there is more to finding the solution tocomplex problems than plain management fundas.

Working under stress and time management

Over the three years of brief exposure to corporate life, I have observed that people who can cope well under pressure have higher chances of succeeding at work and at maintain a better work-life balance.

The two years grind during my MBA has helped me immensely to manage stress in challenging situations. So friends, next time you think that your Prof is putting you under stress, thank your stars that you have not met your boss yet.

During my MBA, I used to wonder why students were given no time for any recreational activity. Today, in comparison with my time at b-school, I realize that in fact, I had lot of free time during my MBA.

It is and will always be about how you set your priorities in work/life and how efficiently you utilize time.