16 July 2015 14:59:17 IST

‘My MBA resonates in my life, every single day’

From business theories, lifelong friendships and a safety net — ISB gave me all

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we want to grow further and achieve higher goals. Five years ago that happened with me too. I wanted to go beyond my comfort zone and was willing to take all the risks that came with it.

This was the point when I signed up with the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, for my Masters in Business Management (MBA) with a heart full of anxiety and excitement! I always knew that an ISB experience was going to change my life — which was the primary reason for opting for an MBA. But what amazes me most is that I still feel its resonance in my life, every single day.

From learning the theories behind business management, building lifelong friends and having the safety net of my alma mater —ISB gave me all of this.

It presented me with a whole new world of possibilities. I always had entrepreneurship running in my blood, as my father was an entrepreneur. However, there was a need to understand the essential concepts underlying business planning and to gauge the difference between a winning strategy from a losing one.

Problem-solving skills

Exposure to various case studies helped me understand and act out the roles played by various CEOs and how they assessed risk factors while taking decisions. This, in turn, helped me understand business scenarios and helped me gain confidence in my problem-solving skills. The academic environment gave me the opportunity to think big when solving knotty problems — an important skill for an entrepreneur.

Since running my own business was always on my mind, I signed up for a course in ‘Entrepreneurship,’ which helped me understand the viability of a business idea, the ability to manage and raise money and, finally, the ability to accept failure. It also opened my eyes to trends and gaps in customer buying cycles.

Thanks to this, while I was doing market research on Indian weddings after the ISB course, I was able to appreciate the significant revenue potential of ₹4,250 crore. It was as simple as identifying that today’s Indian couples are looking to have a unique upmarket wedding, but don’t want to spent on a typical wedding planner. They just need someone to help them understand the process, show them how to save time and money, and get the best wedding vendor team together. And this is how 7Vachan was born!

Security net

The second biggest thing that ISB gave me was a network, a security net on which I could rely for so many things. Each person in my batch was a current or future business leader, an expert in his or her field or an upcoming social entrepreneur. I still remember the first day I was introduced to my batchmates — people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, from different parts of the country, people who had been way more successful than me in their fields. Actually, some of them had already achieved what I had aspired for.

Moreover, with ISB, came its vast network of illustrious alumni and experienced faculty. These people have been my guiding light, motivating and inspiring me at all times. I can proudly say they were my strongest critics and best source of encouragement. There have been times when I have relied on these people during my entrepreneurial journey for job postings, friendly advice or general gyaan.

Overall, my MBA at ISB helped me accelerate my journey to become a successful entrepreneur while giving me constant support on all fronts. If you have the capital for it, I’d suggest go for an MBA. If time is a constraint, try looking for a one-year opportunity, like an Executive MBA. It may seem like a lot of money and time to invest, but it pays off long before you can imagine.