27 Nov 2020 21:17 IST

'Young pros need to join corporate world with open mind and learn basics'

No unrealistic expectations; B-schools must focus on bridging gap of expectation versus reality

Tharun Shastry, Category Marketing Manager, Flipkart, and an alumnus of Jagdish Sheth School of Management (formerly known as IFIM Business School), Bengaluru, graduated in 2016, followed up his bachelor’s degree in business management, with an MBA as well. Here he talks about how his UG degree and MBA played a significant role in his life.


Tharun Shastry




On his MBA years.

I always wanted to do an MBA from a premier institute after my undergraduate degree and the enthusiasm to pursue it became more intense when I got exposed to the corporate world during my internships. The professionalism and dynamism that I observed among management professionals made me realise the importance and the value it adds to an individual’s career.

What does your role entail currently and how has the pandemic affected the nature of the job?

My current job involves managing performance, brand, awareness marketing, and leading external partnerships for a business unit in Flipkart. The key aspects of my role involves unlocking consumer problems and stakeholder management to enable consumers shop online by overcoming their apprehensions.

Prior to the lockdown it was almost impossible to imagine carrying out my role remotely without travel. But as the phrase goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” we all adapted to working remotely. In all fairness the productivity of most of the individuals, including me, has increased significantly and now I feel this to be the new normal.

Looking back on your MBA, how would you say that it is helping you in your work life and career now, if at all?

Yes, my undergraduate degree and MBA has a significant role to play in my life. My education has influenced me in a very positive manner, some of the key things includes: adaptability to any situation, time, people and stakeholder management, risk-taking ability, starting things from scratch, leadership qualities and most importantly access to an extensive business network.

I personally see a lot of difference in the approach of a management professional towards their personal and professional life compared to other professionals.

What are the B-school learnings that you are applying in your work?

Never hesitate to change or start something from scratch; professionalism in the work place; differentiate personal and professional life; how to enjoy your work; conflict management; networking skills

Do you think there was something missing when you did your MBA that you feel should have been included/taught? And which would have helped you in your work life?

I find most of the young management professionals stepping into the corporate world with some unrealistic expectations. It includes expectation of a fancy designation, resistance to go to the ground level and get their hands dirty, easy access to all resources and most importantly hunger for money.

All the expectations are fair after a point of time in career, but I feel its important for young professionals to join the corporate world with an open mind to learn the basics and then reach to the top of the ladder.

B-schools must focus on bridging this gap of expectation versus reality among students by providing more exposure to the corporate world in the form of internships and interactions.

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (formerly known as IFIM Business School) is proactive in this regard in arranging regular connect between students and the corporate world.

What would you like to say to students looking to pursue an MBA?

I would like to tell my young friends not to pursue an MBA with an ambition just to get a job. Instead, do your homework in identifying institutions which offer a great curriculum and makes you industry ready. Join an MBA with an intent to learn and an attitude to grow, never restrict yourselves to the curriculum. Participate actively in all the extracurricular activities, try to get maximum exposure to the corporate world and start building your professional network early in your career.