03 June 2015 14:36:09 IST

Securing quick wins helps earn credibility

Analysing the right data in the relevant area is the first step

In a new role, as a leader, you will be expected to produce notable results in a short time. Being new to the environment, you might feel that you need to learn the tricks of the trade before expectations are thrust on you. In theory – this seems fair. But in practice – No. There is no way to escape the pressure, and that’s the reality.

The ideal thing to do in such a scenario is to look for quick wins, ones that can deliver results fast. They also need to come in areas/issues which have been a problem for a sustained period for the organisation.

Identifying quick wins may not be easy. If it was obvious, others would have plucked the opportunity.

The people who produce early results are noticed and are considered brighter than others. They have a higher chance of moving ahead compared to ‘average/good performing’ associates in the corporate race.

To identify quick wins, you need to first understand the organisation’s strategy and the specific functions you are involved with; what are the few KPIs that the organisation is looking to deliver in short-term; what are the burning issues that need to be addressed in areas such as cost, governance, revenue, product, technology or people. Identify an area that is core to your work or one you have expertise on.

For instance, if you are a finance professional, it is best to look at cost or governance. If you are a sales and marketing professional, look for opportunities in revenue optimisation and so on. This will also help in establishing yourself in the department.

Next, it is essential to think fresh. Use your common sense and education to arrive at a solution. Analysing the right data is the first step.

Ignore negative aspects about why this can’t be done and approach the issue with a new mind. This might involve a bit of risk, but it’s a calculated risk, and if you are convinced, you should go ahead and make your proposal. Even if your proposal is not accepted, your seniors will appreciate your enthusiasm, and ability to think differently.

Always bear in mind that you are new to the organisation and upsetting many people won’t hold you in good stead. Thus approach with prudence following hierarchy, while showing the world that you are different and can think ahead. But always weigh your options; jumping to conclusions without data and logic will jeopardise your effort. It is not about proving to others that you are smarter, it is about believing you can win in a short period.

Be careful to not fall into the trap of taking a dubious short cut to winning. That is not the idea. It is about unexplored, un-thought of or even un-ventured ideas to get results. It is important for you to be creative to win. The earlier you tap the opportunity, the better it will be for you.