18 Jan 2016 19:45 IST

Here’s how you can land your dream job

A strategic and organised approach is all it would take to reach your goal

Landing the right job is often a long wait — you need to go through gruelling selection processes and perhaps even multiple interviews by different stakeholders. The hunt and a peek into the job market, riddled with tough competition, tends to give candidates a fresh perspective on where they want to be in the long run.

The entire experience is bound to enrich them and boost their self-confidence in multiple ways. But imagine if you could get that dream job instantly, sans all the drama, and before your peers. Incredible, isn’t it?

Well, a strategic and organised approach is all it would take to reach your goal. Here’s how.

Keep your options open

Given the fast-paced expansion of metropolitan cities, an increasing number of multinational companies are looking to set up offices in Tier-II and Tier-III cities in India.

The State and Central Governments also intend to develop these regions to keep corporate investments flowing. Aspirants must, therefore, be open to relocating and working in these cities.

Keep your resume crisp

It definitely feels good to carry a ten-page resume that trumpets your achievements since school, but is it relevant to your potential employer? HR in any organisation almost always works like a Google user.

Though Google users search for specific keywords, they click on only the most relevant search results. Likewise, HR professionals consider only those candidates whose skill sets are relevant to the given job description.

Besides, talking about your past achievements that hold no relevance to the position you have applied for, may confuse the employer and send wrong signals. It is important that you keep your resume brief and updated.

Maintain a list of prospective companies

Do your research, and come up with a list of all companies that are best suited for your career ambitions. You could also include companies that will help you “get there” — these are places that will equip you with relevant experience needed to get to the top. Make a note of the structures, hiring cycles, and processes of these organisations so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Grow your professional network

Interact with people on your contact list on social media and job portals actively. Make an effort to meet up with them in person, rather than limiting your conversations to phone calls and e-mails. It helps when recruiters put a face to a resume/profile. They will then remember you when there is a vacancy in their organisation.

Take one step at a time to get yourself that perfect role in your dream company. If the process takes longer than expected, don’t fret or stress out. Gather yourself from where you left off and analyse the shortcomings in your approach. Set realistic goals and keep working towards achieving them.