02 Nov 2016 17:11 IST

Why a contract job may be your best career move

With permanent jobs hard to find today, Uma Srinivasan writes on how contract jobs can help your career

Are you contemplating taking up a contract job? Well, don’t worry too much about it, for you may well be on the right track.

From the employer’s perspective, offering jobs on a contract basis gives them the flexibility to scale the number of employees; it facilitates speed of hiring, and allows a trial period for assessing employees before bringing them onboard permanently.

On the other hand, employees are sceptical about being hired on contract basis, wondering what’s in it for them. Although contract jobs have a short duration, here are some strong reasons why you should seriously consider taking them up.

Beats unemployment

As a fresher, a temporary job can provide you with the practical experience you never had. For those who have been out of work for a while, a temp job can certainly be beneficial — a job is better than no job. And a temporary job helps beat unemployment.

It could become permanent

If you’ve been going the extra mile, taking on additional responsibilities and meeting the set goals of the role you are filling, then you could turn your temporary job into a permanent one.

Besides, a temporary job is an opportunity to prove yourself. It can open doors to something you could never imagine existed. It could help you build your skills and potentially create a permanent position.

Helps decide career path

If you lack a clear idea of where you are heading and what career path you should take, then experiment with a temporary assignment to figure out the next step in your career. This will not only give you a few months of hands-on job experience but will also help you decide if you really like working in that particular industry.

Helps acquire new skills

A contract job could be that golden opportunity to learn and acquire new skills. If you are taking up a temporary job that is not exactly related to your past profession, it could open doors to a new industry you haven’t been in before. This will help you develop your know-how and skills in a new field.

Helps eliminate long gaps in resume

Considering the present job market and the fact that permanent jobs can be hard to find, it’s wise to take up a contract job, since it can help you avoid long gaps that reflect in your resume. Also, from an employer’s point of view, it is better to show continued work with no gaps in your career.

Helps build a good professional network

A temp job that is interesting and connects you to people can enhance your network. If you’ve established professional contacts during your temporary stint, you can bank on some solid references that will benefit you in the long run to help land the right permanent job.

Contract employment can pave the path to a great job. It is therefore critical to not dismiss these opportunities.