13 Dec 2016 16:27 IST

BizWiz #17

  • 1. For which iconic symbol did English actress Eleanor Thornton model for?

  • 2. How many companies are listed in Japan’s price-weighted index Nikkei?

  • 3. MetLife recently ended its three-decade relationship with which cartoon character?

  • 4. In which city has Amazon debuted its revolutionary Amazon Go grocery store?

  • 5. Up to how many decimal places is one Bitcoin divisible to yield a Satoshi?

  • 6. Identify this CEO of a global major.

  • 7. Darden School of Business is attached to which varsity?

  • 8. Which car-maker has a RS version, which stands for ‘Rennsport’ (German for ‘racesport’)?

  • 9. In which year was the widely read and respected The Economist founded?

  • 10. The addition of which country 40 years ago made the original G6 governmental politicalforum into G7?

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