15 Jan 2017 17:20 IST

BizWiz #20

  • 1. Which South American nation has a lottery ‘El Boletazo’ show where the draw and game show is driven by use of credit and debit cards at the POS?

  • 2. Which firm, along with Google, authored the study paper ‘Digital Payments 2020: The Making of a $500 Billion Ecosystem in India, 2016’?

  • 3. ‘Making the Elephant Dance’ is a part of the title of a book which chronicles the transformational journey of which Indian business group?

  • 4. Who is behind the aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight services company Blue Origin?

  • 5. Identify this gentleman

  • 6. Which global brand uses Clydesdale horses for its promotion and commercials?

  • 7. Whose NYSE ticker symbol is RACE?

  • 8. Which of these is NOT a Richemont watch brand?

  • 9. What was the code name for the Xbox 360?

  • 10. Which nut is a major and key ingredient in Nutella?

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