17 Mar 2017 15:54 IST

BizWiz #22

  • 1. Which of these is not in Alphabet Inc.’s portfolio?

  • 2. Who is behind the concept car ‘Sedric’?

  • 3. Identify this founder of a popular online tool/app

  • 4. What famous building is located at 721 Fifth Avenue, New York City?

  • 5. Which of these is NOT in the Top 5 in the Forbes’ list of the ‘World's Largest Food And Beverage Companies 2016’?

  • 6. Which apparel company has become the first to launch a hijab for female Muslim athletes?

  • 7. Emma Walmsley is the new CEO of which pharma major?

  • 8. What is the nationality of multi-billionaire Amancio Ortega, the wealthiest retailer in the world?

  • 9. Japan’s YKK Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of...?

  • 10. Brad Stone’s new bestseller ‘The Upstarts: How...’ has which modern successful firms’s names in its title?

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