27 Mar 2017 19:37 IST

BizWiz #23

  • 1. ‘SheLeadsTech’, a new initiative to support women-founded or co-founded startups in India, has been launched by?

  • 2. Who has launched India's first life insurance chatbot in collaboration with Haptik?

  • 3. Who creates the ‘ease of doing business' index, a list that is updated annually?

  • 4. Who is this and what did she co-found?

  • 5. Karan Bajwa is the MD of the India operations of ...?

  • 6. Capgemini’s logo looks similar to which suit in playing cards?

  • 7. According to a recent announcement, what would be the cost of a 2-year PGP course at IIM-A?

  • 8. Which Italian city is served by the ‘Galileo Galilei’ airport?

  • 9. ‘The Man Who Knew’ by Sebastian Mallaby is a biography of...?

  • 10. Which ‘film family' owns Filmkraft Productions (India) Pvt. Ltd.?

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