03 Apr 2017 20:01 IST

BizWiz #24

  • 1. Which bank’s investment magazine is called ‘AAG (At a Glance)’?

  • 2. Which of these film stars does not endorse Ramraj products?

  • 3. Which Indian city did Le Meridien open its 100th hotel (globally) in 2011?

  • 4. Which automobile brand has had musical-theme models like Cadenza, Forte and Rondo?

  • 5. Which famous businesswoman's biography did lawyer-writer Annapoorna write?

  • 6. La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle are UNESCO World Heritage sites. For what fine products are they world-famous?

  • 7. Which of the following companies is headquartered at Kiewit Plaza in Omaha, Nebraska?

  • 8. Name this Indian businessman

  • 9. According to the latest Forbes list (released in end March) of the ‘World’s Billionaires’ 2017, India is home to how many billionaires?

  • 10. Which Indian sportswoman is the new brand ambassador for Gatorade?

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