03 Jun 2017 16:37 IST

BizWiz #29

  • 1. Which of these Swedish companies is not headquartered in that country?

  • 2. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has predicted that by 2050 the world will face a humongous shortfall in retirement savings. What is the amount it has mentioned?

  • 3. Of which online start-up was Mukesh Bansal a co-founder?

  • 4. Vulcan Inc., a private company based in Seattle and working to solve some of the biggest global issues, was founded by which cyber-poster boy?

  • 5. With which famous apparel brand did the Khadi & Village Industries Commission tie-up recently to launch India's first branded Khadi label?

  • 6. ‘Happy Days are Here Again’ is a tagline associated with Thumbs Up cola. Which US President used a song of the same name as his campaign song?

  • 7. Of the three private sector companies in the last Fortune Global 500 list, one of them was Rajesh Exports. What is its main line of business?

  • 8. Which Indian tech major has an artificial intelligence platform called ‘HOLMES’?

  • 9. Which of these reputed watch brands is NOT a part of the Swatch Group?

  • 10. Name this legendary economist.

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