30 Jun 2017 18:56 IST

BizWiz #31

  • 1. Identify this CEO of a behemoth in its sector.

  • 2. In the 2017 Forbes list of the ‘World’s Biggest Public Companies’, which is the only non-American or Chinese entity in the top 10?

  • 3. Which of these banks is NOT authorised to issue Hong Kong dollars?

  • 4. Which State Cooperative Dairy Federation’s brand name for its milk is ‘Gomati’?

  • 5. After whom is the economic law that states ‘the proportion of income spent on food decreases as income increases, other factors remaining constant’ named?

  • 6. Which of these stands for ‘self-discipline’ in Kaizen, the Japanese business philosophy?

  • 7. Which Lewis Carroll character’s name is given to a CEO or team whose ability to lead a company is highly suspect?

  • 8. How many companies make up the DAX index on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

  • 9. Which prestigious university has the Krannert School of Management?

  • 10. Which artist designed this original logo of the famous confectionery brand?

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