12 Jul 2017 15:45 IST

BizWiz #32

  • 1. Which bank set up the world’s first-ever ATM at its Enfield branch in London in June 1967?

  • 2. The phrase ‘the buck stops here’ now common in management was made famous by which US President?

  • 3. Mont Blanc came up with a limited edition of pens worth ₹14 lakh each, equal to the number of miles walked by Gandhi, to mark the famous Dandi March. How many?

  • 4. Name this CEO, who is in the top 10 highest-paid female CEOs in Fortune 500?

  • 5. Which of these was NOT part of the original ‘Zaibatsu’ in pre-WWII Japan?

  • 6. In 2010, 'The Economist’ coined the acronym PIIGS for a group of European countries with troubled economies then. If P was Portugal, what was S?

  • 7. ‘Beyond the Last Blue Mountain’ is about the life and times of which Indian business legend?

  • 8. Pilsner, a type of pale lager, gets its name from a town in which country?

  • 9. Which chain was founded by Isaac Trigett and Peter Morton in 1971?

  • 10. Which Infosys co-founder has partnered venture capital veteran Sanjeev Aggarwal to set up a $100 million fund called ‘The Fundamentum Partnership’?

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