14 Jul 2017 20:02 IST

BizWiz #33

  • 1. Which bank set up the world’s first-ever ATM at its Enfield branch in London in June 1967?

  • 2. The EU antitrust regulators recently hit Google with the biggest fine the body has ever imposed on a single company in an antitrust case. What was the amount (in billion Euros)?

  • 3. Name this powerful CEO.

  • 4. Which Asian country, currently in turmoil, is the largest exporter of liquid Helium?

  • 5. Which of these books did Al Ries NOT co-author with Jack Trout?

  • 6. Which airline's in-flight magazine is called ‘Atmosphere’?

  • 7. What is actress-turned-entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna’s interior décor store called?

  • 8. Name this dynamic young leader from a reputed business family.

  • 9. Which of these was not a brother in the famous film studio ‘Warner Bros.’?

  • 10. In which year did Rolex become the ‘Official Timekeeper’ of The Championships, Wimbledon?

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