03 Oct 2017 20:52 IST

BizWiz #39

  • 1. Which company was set up by siblings Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta?

  • 2. Which public sector bank ‘Honours Your Trust’?

  • 3. Which famous Japanese company was founded in the Kurume, Fukuoka?

  • 4. Which of these was NOT a code name for the Mac operating system between 2001 and 2012?

  • 5. In which Bank of England currency note can one see this image of Adam Smith?

  • 6. Which Asian company owns passenger car maker Volvo Cars?

  • 7. Which was the latest country to adopt the Euro, replacing the Litas?

  • 8. Which corporate coined the term ‘Industrial Internet’?

  • 9. Whose logo is shown here?

  • 10. Which star-couple has been the brand ambassador for Whirlpool?

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