25 Jul 2016 16:51 IST

BizWiz #4

  • 1. At what base price (in lakh rupees) is Ford launching the Mustang GT Fastback in India?

  • 2. In which Haryana town was the Mobile Number Portability launched in end-2010?

  • 3. Which Asian giant’s logo is this?

  • 4. Which IPO in the first quarter of the current financial year was the first since 2011 to attract million applications?

  • 5. Whose tagline is ‘Jiyo Befikar’?

  • 6. Which American varsity has the Haas School of Business?

  • 7. Who wrote 'Corruption and Corporate Governance in India: Satyam Spectrum & Sundaram'?

  • 8. Who makes the Matebook range of 2-in-1 tablet PC?

  • 9. Popular Tamil actor Vikram’s daughter is engaged to this businessman’s son. Name him.

  • 10. What is headquartered at 1 Basinghall Avenue, London?

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