03 Nov 2017 15:06 IST

BizWiz #41

  • 1. The Fenty range from Puma is in collaboration with which entertainer?

  • 2. According to the recent fourth edition of the UBS/PwC Billionaires Report, by how much did the total wealth of billionaires rise to touch $ 6.0 trillion now?

  • 3. Name this CFO of a globally famous entity.

  • 4. Which of these is not a JAB Holding brand?

  • 5. Whose sketch of Empire State Building fetched $16,000 at an auction recently?

  • 6. In a first, which insurance company launched India’s first-ever Health ATMs?

  • 7. Chennai-educated Madhav V Rajan is the Dean of which prestigious business school that was in the news recently?

  • 8. Which Asian country is setting up a centre at IIM Bangalore to mark 25 years of partnership between India and that nation?

  • 9. Which institution is set to hold the next edition of Nihilanth, the prestigious IIT-IIM quizzing extravaganza in January 2018?

  • 10. According to Interbrand India’s latest Best Indian Brands Report, which brand occupies second spot behind Tata?

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